Praia da Pinheira
The natural beauties of Praia da Pinheira include calm water beaches, hills, trails and a lot of nature. It is specially indicated for families that seek for tranquility. Is it located in the extreme south of 7km bay, that has the Ponta do Papagaio in the north. Its main beaches are the Praia de Baixo and the Praia de Cima, which are separated by a beautiful hill. Its one of the most visited places in the Palhoça county and its located 50km to the south of Florianópolis and 420km north from Porto Alegre.

At the Praia de Baixo one can see how the fishing tradition was kept. The boats and boathouses are witness of its past and present as a fishing village.
Praia de Cima receives its visitors with its soft sand and a beautiful view of the islands of the region, including Florianópolis.

There are various different strolls that can be made from Praia da Pinheira. Some of these are the trail that connects Praia de Baixo and Praia de Cima, a walk on Pontão or Ponta das Andorinhas, the trail that goes to Praia do Maço and the Vale da Utopia or a walk to Guarda do Embaú going by the beautiful Prainha.

Praia da Pinheira has a complete touristic infrastructure that includes several different guesthouses, bars, restaurants and shops.
It is a great place for sports like hiking, surf in Prainha or Guarda do Embaú, windsurf, sailing, diving in the Pontão, etc.

Come and enjoy Praia da Pinheira with your family.